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Azure Violins

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Are you ready for a musical adventure this summer?


Melody Makers:
Beginner Violin Camp

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Daily Camp Schedule

9:00am-9:15am: Arrival and Check-In

Campers arrive and check in at the registration desk.


9:15am-9:45am: Group Warm-Up and Stretching


9:45am-11:00am: Violin Technique Class

Small group violin classes focusing on technique, intonation, and tone production. Group and individual instruction on holding the instrument and bow, finger placement, and basic bow strokes. Campers will also practice scales and simple pieces


11:00am-11:15am: Snack Break

Campers will take a short break for a snack, rest, and to socialize with peers. This is our only snack break during regular camp hours, so pack a big snack to make it through to 1pm! At snack break, we head outdoors, eat and chat, and take some time to run around, stretch, and/or play board games and card games depending on weather.


11:15am-12:15pm: Music Theory and Games

Introduction to basic music theory concepts such as rhythm, pitch, notation, and musical terms. Group activities and games to reinforce concepts.


12:15pm-12:45pm: Music Appreciation and History

Introduction to different genres of music, including classical, folk, and popular. Overview of different time periods of music and notable composers. Listening to and analyzing music pieces.


12:45pm to 1:00pm - Clean up and pick-up time. Camp Dismissal at 1pm.


Limited Scholarships available upon request.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn the violin and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. Limited spots are available, so secure your place now
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🎉 Join Us for an Unforgettable Week!

📆 Camp Dates: July 17th-July 21

📍 Camp Location: Azure Violins

Ideal for 8-12 Year Olds

$300 for 5 days of curated adventure

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